Quiz 52 – Round 5 – The 70s

1. What did ‘Tiswas’ stand for?

Today is Saturday, watch and smile

2. Who was Prime Minister of the UK for the longest during the 1970s?

Edward Heath

3. What was the name of the jester in ‘Rentaghost’?

Timothy Claypole

4. In which year of the 70s was ‘Jaws’ released?


5. What were the first names of Starsky and Hutch?

David Starsky and Ken(neth) Hutchinson

6. Which ‘Carry On’ actor starred in the 70s sitcom ‘Bless This House’?

Sid James

7. In which year were the Summer Olympic Games in Munich, sadly to be remembered for the terrorist attacks which overshadowed the event?


8. Which U.S. President resigned in 1974?

Richard Nixon

9. In which year was the Sony Walkman first available for purchase?


10. What was the best-selling single of the Seventies in the UK?

Mull of Kintyre/Girls’ School – Wings





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