Quiz 40 – Round 2 – Science and Nature

1. How many legs does a cockroach have?


2. What substance is manufactured using the ‘Haber process’?


3. ‘Dry ice’ is a term used for the frozen form of what?

Carbon dioxide

4. Which value on the pH scale indicates a neutral substance?


5. What is the name for the SI unit of force?


6. What is the chemical equation for ozone?


7. What is the most common metal to remain liquid at room temperature?


8. ‘JPEG’ is a common file format for pictures and photographs, but what does it stand for?

Joint Photographic Experts Group

9. Similarly, another common file format for images is ‘PNG’ – what does this stand for?

Portable Network Graphics

10. On the human body, what is the name for the vertical groove between the nose and the upper lip?






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