Quiz 26 – Round 2 – Food and Drink

This week’s food and drink round is all about advertising slogans – can you identify the food, drink or restaurant from their slogan, past or present?

1. ‘Eat Fresh’


2. ‘Full of Eastern Promise’

Fry’s Turkish Delight

3. ‘So Good’ 

KFC (replaced ‘it’s finger-lickin’ good’ in 2011)

4. ‘You Either Love It or Hate It’


5. ‘Have It Your Way’

Burger King

6. ‘It’s The Real Thing’


7. ‘The Lighter Way To Enjoy Chocolate’


8. ‘After Dark’

Tia Maria

9. ‘What’s The Worst That Can Happen?’

Dr Pepper

10. ‘What A Refreshing Change’

Woodpecker Cider





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