Quiz 12 – Round 3 – Words

1. In computing terminology, what does HTML stand for?

Hyper Text Markup Language

2. And what does SCUBA stand for?

Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus

3. Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church – how does it translate into English?

The Work of God

4. Which word is used for the practice of studying bumps on the head in order to determine aspects of a person’s personality and character?


5. Fish is to water, as bird is to… what?


6. What connects the words ‘Wise’, ‘Large’, ‘Ball’, ‘Herring’ and ‘French’?

They are all the 2nd names of one half of a UK comedy double act – Ernie Wise (Morecambe and Wise), Eddie Large (Little and Large), Bobby Ball (Cannon and Ball), Richard Herring (Lee and Herring) and Dawn French (French and Saunders).

7. Birmingham hosts sporting and entertainment events at the N.I.A – what does N.I.A stand for?

National Indoor Arena

8. What animal lives in a ‘lodge’?

A beaver

9. What can you measure in ‘bundles’, ‘bales’ and ‘quires’?

Paper quantity

10. Correctly spell ‘bureaucratic’?






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