Quiz 1 – Round 5 – Food and Drink

1. Eggs Benedict traditionally consists of a muffin, topped with poached egg, either ham or bacon and which type of sauce?


2. What is a chipolata?

A type of sausage

3. ‘Cuisses de grenouille’ are what in English?

Frogs legs

4. Which country does the brand of ‘Leffe’ beer come from?


5. What is missing from the white sauce recipe; salt, pepper, milk, flour and…?


6. What type of food is pumpernickel?


7. Pad Thai is a dish containing predominantly what?


8. According to government guidelines, how many units of alcohol are there in one pint of lower strength lager, of strength 3.6%?


9. What is currently the world record for the number of Ferrero Rocher eaten in one minute?

7 – Achieved by Jim Lyngvild in Copenhagen on 10th October 2008

10. Peach Melba was a dessert to honour a lady who had which profession?

Soprano singer – Dame Nellie Melba. The dish was designed at the Savoy.





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